What is this about?

Urban Nature is a workcamp that strives to bring people from France, Germany and Serbia together to work on a common project. The idea is to have three international exchanges (2017/2018) where the people have the possibility to visit all three countries. And it‘s all about sustainability: During the camps we will support local initiatives that engage into this topic in various ways.


Together we want to discover how we can work on the issue of sustainability. We work together on one or more building projects, where everyone can help with their own abilities. We are not only working together but also living in a comfortable camp.

Work on the Project

During the Camp in Bochum we will not only build an ecological garden pond, but we will furthermore create a little paradise for visitors, by building wooden benches and relax chairs. . On the venue also two Kune-Kune piglets live, who would like to have their house painted. There will also be a media group that takes pictures, a gardening group, cooking group, a party and presentation preparation group, so that everyone can help the project with there interests and abilities.


In Bochum, we will build a big cosy Campside with group tents, to make your stay as comforttable as possible.You basically need to bring a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag (or blanket) and maybe a pillow.  If you don’t have or can get anything like that, please contact us. Camping together is as important to us as the work for the project itself, because it gives us room and space to get to know each other and to enjoy.


We will prepare the food ourselves with changing cooking teams. One person on the leader team is only there to support and organise the food and cooking-team. We will also prepare the meals according to your needs (allergies, vegetarian, etc.). Hence the question on the registration form.


We are still in the planning process, but we want to go swimming and visit together the Landscape park Duisburg, which is a prime example for industrial art in the Ruhr area , which has been declared on the best worldwide by the Guardian together with the Central Park in New York. There will be also the possibility to go climbing. But those are just three examples of the things to come.

What are the requirements

People between 18 to 29 years old with the willingness to attend. If you yourself have worries or see limitations, contact us, we will figure out a way.

Language and Translation

We have interpreters in the team, so you don’t need any extra language skills to attend. We also know some fun games to pick up some basic words in foreign languages very quickly. However communication is more than just language skills, as we will discover together during the project.


We hope to get just the right number of people, but often more people are interested than there are spots. So we might have to select a group. We will select in a way to have a balanced group. As the selection process and deadlines might vary between the organisations, please check on your email, the registration form or this website.

Participation Fee

As we get funding from Erasmus+ and OFAJ, you only have to pay 50 Euros. (In France 70 Euros as it includes a membership fee for Concordia incl. insurance). All the travel and accommodation cost are being accounted for. We work on keeping the same price for the next camps. If you really want to attend, but cannot afford it, contact us and we can work out a way.


You will receive the youth-pass certificate from Erasmus+ (EU) and the   “Nachweise International” certificate (Germany). Those might come handy later in your résumé.

Next camps –  France – Serbia 2018

We are starting to plan the next two camps now, but it’s too early to give you concrete dates. But we want to bring as much people of the group as possible to all three countries.  In the late spring we will go to France and in the Summer to Serbia. There we will also work one projects with local initiatives, Excursions and much more.